You can’t be active in politics and public affairs these days without having more than a passing interest in social media – from local campaigns to regime change, Twitter and Facebook have had a hand in driving political change across the globe in recent years.

So who’s got it sussed in the West Midlands? With up to three major elections headed our way in the year of elected mayors, public sector cuts, police commissioners and economic woes, politicians are increasingly fighting their battles online.

RJF Public Affairs follows more than 100 politicians, journos, business figures and campaigners as a way of keeping our ear to the ground for the current political buzz. We thought we’d use the popular PeerIndex service to rank our ‘TweetPol’ list as we call it.

We’ll make no comment on the rankings for the moment – but feel free to have your say in the comments below.

9 Responses to Who’s the top political tweeter in the West Midlands?
  1. I’m 49th on this list and rather chuffed at that! Thanks

  2. Lots of dead accounts. How was which accounts are political decided?

  3. Thanks Waheed & Jon.
    Let me know the dead accounts Jon. The list was compiled over the past six months as a Twitter list belonging to @RJFPA. We chose accounts as they came across our general twitterstream if they were engaging in variious WM political conversations (in their broadest sense). We also looked at the people that activists, MPs, councillors etc were following / being followed by and added them. Most elected politicians made the cut if they had a Twitter account, whether or not it seemed well used.

    All suggestions for inclusions welcome.

  4. LoTs of dead accounts and missing peeps who should’ve there! If you don’t get it right your own social media credibility suffers….

  5. Strangely, Stoke-on-Trent, Newcastle-under-Lyme and the rest of North Staffordshire are missing.

    Allow me to blow my own trumpet: I’m a ‘political tweeter’, have 2,500 followers, etc. etc. and yet do not appear on this list. Nor does my MP, Tristram Hunt, who has a media profile and several thousand followers. Nor do any of the two dozen or so North Staffs citizens who are active in politics.

    It might be worth looking at your compiling methods again …

  6. Phil – thanks for the suggestions. I’ll add Tristram and you if you let me have your Twitter name. We’ll see what happens to the rankings.
    Jon – Fair cop. I’ll do some weeding and reviewing.

  7. Cheers Mark. I’m @philbc3, Tristram is @TristramHuntMP

  8. I may not have as many followers as some but I am (@jillybrum) a political tweeter.

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