Sir Albert Bore – Labour’s Mayoral Candidate launched his campaign to become Labour’s nominee for Elected Mayor of Birmingham, ending months of speculation.

Whilst he was Leader of the Council in 2001 he spoke out for the “yes” campaign in support of a directly elected mayor, and has made no secret of his endorsement of electoral reform for Britain’s major cities.

Speaking about the campaign, he says,

The Localism Bill is still on its way through Parliament, and, whilst there may well be changes to aspects of the Bill relating to the elected mayor issues, it’s almost certain that in 2012 there will be a referendum on whether Birmingham and other major cities should have directly elected mayors.

There needs to be a “Yes” campaign.  I want to be part of it.  I believe Birmingham would benefit hugely from a directly elected mayor.  At the press conference I am convening on 14 June, I will set out a number of reasons why we should be campaigning for a directly elected mayor, and I will also set out a number of initiatives that I would want to take forward under my own candidacy for Labour as the directly elected mayor for Birmingham.”

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