Briefing e-bulletins: Fortnightly updates exclusively for RJF clients summarising the latest West Midlands developments in Local Enterprise Partnerships, local authorities, Westminster, regeneration and politics. RJF analysis, plus links to the best sources.
Bespoke monitoring: Your issues tracked online and in the corridors of power. Specific policy changes, key funding decisions and reports monitored and scrutinised. Regular updates and alerts to help you take timely action.
Research and reports: Detailed analysis of policy trends and forecasts tailored to the needs of your organisation.
Workshops: Interactive RJF-led discussions providing an overview of current legislative changes, or a focus on specific concerns to inform your strategic scenario planning.


New media – Social media is continuing to change the way business, communities and individuals communicate with Government, whether local, national or international. The transparency agenda is here to stay and understanding social media is now a key component to any advocacy strategy. RJF can provide media surgeries to explain the benefits and pit falls of SM lobbying and advise on specific SM campaigns.


Political engagement: Ensure your organisation knows and understands the political structures and processes that impact upon it – and how they are changing. RJF will help you identify and engage with the key players.
Policy development: Effective lobbying is built on engaging constructively with the political process – which means contributing positively to the development of new policies and the improvement of existing ones. RJF will help you formulate evidence-based policy proposals to take to the legislators in your area.
Stakeholder engagement: Engage appropriately and effectively with politicians, public servants, businesses and the public. Conduct consultations and forums to learn from all your stakeholders and ensure you maximise their understanding and support for your objectives.
Inward investment: Providing a bespoke service to international and national clients interested in negotiating the best terms available from both UK Government and Local Government.