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As Parliament rises for its summer recess, and MPs reach for their buckets and spades (or Olympic tickets), there appears to be no holiday in prospect for Birmingham’s new political leaders.

New city council leader Sir Albert Bore wasted no time after regaining power on May 4 to unveil a decidedly different approach to managing what some claim to be Europe’s largest local authority (it is, in fact, Paris). He jumped on new party rules to appoint his own cabinet, marginalising internal opposition and clearing the way for a radical shakeup of cabinet responsbilities and internal structures at the council. A raft of new policy commissions followed, along with ambitious house-building targets.

But the honeymoon will soon be over, and businesses and citizens will want to see evidence that the new regime can help Birmingham ride out the age of austerity. What are the opportunities in the new Enterprise Zone? How will local planning provision affect companies’ ability to develop and expand? Where does power in the city really lie?

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